• COMMA type

    COMMA type

    • Precise coating thickness
    • Applicable CPS: medium→high
  • COMMA blade type

    COMMA blade type

    • Precise coating thickness
    • Applicable CPS: medium→high
  • Roll to Roll type-1

    Roll to Roll type-1

    • Control resin volume by adjust roller gap
    • Applicable CPS: medium to low
  • Roll to Roll type-2

    Roll to Roll type-2

    • Easily tension-controlling. Precise thickness.
    • Economic cost
    • Fluid Viscosity: 1~1000cps
  • T-DIE type

    T-DIE type

    • Vertical/ Horizontal
    • Applicable CPS: medium
    • Coating direction options.
  • Wire bar type

    Wire bar type

    • Particle Ink Available
    • Wire bar diameter options
    • Applicable High CPS Ink
  • D-bar type

    D-bar type

    • High Speed, Ultra Thin Coating
    • Anti-Bubble
    • Fluid Viscosity: 1~3000cps
  • Two-sided type

    Two-sided type

    • Two Patterns in one machine, one process.
    • Applicable CPS: medium
  • Closed chamber gravure type

    Closed chamber gravure type

    • Double blade reverse coating
    • Grain size wide range. High cps ink
    • Avoid Solvent Volatile, stabilize viscosity
  • Micro gravure type

    Micro gravure type

    • Optional gravure width
    • Fully coated or edge reserved.
    • Applicable CPS: medium
  • Gravure type

    Gravure type

    • Width changeable.
    • Easy to use
    • Fluid Viscosity: 1~2000cps
  • Tension control roll type

    Tension control roll type

    • Adjustable kiss angle with tension
    • Fluid Viscosity: 1~3000cps
  • Tension control die type

    Tension control die type

    • High speed & Thin film coating
    • Fluid Viscosity: Thin
  • Spray type

    Spray type

    • Thin, Uniformity
    • Fluid Viscosity: Thin