Innovative thinking
We focus on innovation and R&D and pursue uniqueness.
Customer orientation
We strive to meet the customer needs and provides perfect products better than others.
Profit creation
We conduct strict management and reduce costs to achieve profit sharing.
Sticking to beliefs
We insist on quality, stick to beliefs, and make a trade-off between non-profitable markets and profitable markets.


We place importance on what each customer request and achieve missions with our most professional service teams, high-quality mechanic components, sincere services, and manufacuring equipment.
We combine nano optoelectronic and photovoltaic technologies to achieve the world-class level and control the accuracy, stability, and efficiency of equipment assembly, to obtain high quality and large production capacity with the lowest possible costs.
We have researched and developed high-tech equipment to substitute machines imported from other countries, and a variety of precision coating techniques to meet the demands of the domestic and overseas optoelectronics industry and medical industry to enter the international market.
Thanks to our expertise, we have achieved uniqueness. Thanks to cultivation, we have become the model. We have established the only industry standards to improve self value, challenge international brands, and take over leadership.

All employees at α-LUMEN sticks to the philosophy of perfectness and refinement.

From product development to after-sales services, we adopt a most cautious and sincere attitude and do not permit any defect. What we pursue is not only finish what customers request, but consider how to bring equipment to the perfect level at the frontier of the market.


α-LUMEN is the only iconic leader in the industry.

α-LUMEN Machine is the only one target in industrial field. R&D is just like seeds. Management as well as quality are like soil and nutrients. Business policies are like sunshine, and customer encouragement as well as support is like rain.

α represents represents the beginning of everything and No.1.

“Start with R&D and End with Perfectness” is the business philosophy of α-LUMEN. We have totally independent research and development capabilities to enhance industrial competitiveness of the country, and are committed to researching and developing precision machines for precision coating, optical film forming, and backing films to bring our product quality to the world-class level. We have also improve equipment assembly efficiency to obtain the best quity with the lowest possible costs and become the manufacturing expert of optical film, gluing, coating, laminating, and R2R equipment!