Medicine coating machinesMedicine coating machines
Medicine coating machines


  1. The modular mechanism provides coating, laminating and slitting functions.
  2. The dressing thickness can be adjusted and they are suitables for several types of slot die and adhesives.
  3. The servo system is used for the entire machine for higher accuracy.
  4. The photo eye automatically detects overflow of glue with auto tension control and auto edge alignment.
  5. The oven accurately provides parallel hot air for the even air flow and temperature.


Medicine coating, water-based glue coating, tranfer coating, etc.

Coating dimension 8600mm x 900mm x 2270mm
Coating thickness Depending on the dressing
Machine speed 10M/min which can be adjusted based on the material thickness
Slitting knife 12 pcs/knife holder + pneumatic lifting mechanism
Slitting precision Within 0.10mm
Slitting thickness 0.06mm-0.36mm
  1. Servo drive + PLC programming control
  2. HMI control system:
    1. The full-color touch monitor is used to display and record the operation status.
    2. Set several process parameters based on the production conditions.
    3. An abnormal alarm is issued automatically once any abnormal machine operations occur or any abnormal component is detected.
    4. Display abnormal status, and record abnormal causes as well as how to solve them
  1. Oven::

    Types / Vertical type, clamshell type, and open side type
    Drive / air floating, roller drive

  2. Laminating mechanism:

    Wet and dry lamination
    1-side and 2-side lamination

Medical type

Artificial skins, transdermal patches, various medicine coatings, face masks, breathable tape, and medical tapes