Laminating and slitting machinesLaminating and slitting machines
Hot press and laminating machinesHot press and laminating machines
Dry laminating machinesDry laminating machines
Cleanroom Grade SlitterCleanroom Grade Slitter
3-in-1 laminating machines3-in-1 laminating machines
PI Hot pressPI Hot press
Hot press, laminating, and slitting machines


  1. Unique laminating mechanism and no air bubbles and wrinkles will occur.
  2. Auto unwinding and re-winding, tension control, and auto stop if no materials are supplied.
  3. They are equipped with auto edge alignment and precise control of the slitting position.
  4. We have developed the first clean sliding door for the machine guard in the world. It allows higher cleanliness for materials to improve yield.


They can be applied in optical films, smart films, industrial materials, and various flexible materials, such as PVC, PET, OCA, BOPP, PE, CPP, and PS.

Equipment Sold

Hot press and laminating machines、 Laminating and slitting machines、 Dry laminating machines、 PI Hot press、 3-in-1 laminating machines、 Other models are available

Machine dimensions Width 400mm-2100mm and diameter 400mm-1000mm
Finished product dimensions Core ≥3”and ≥6”, width 50mm-2000mm, diameter 600mm (Max). They can be customized.
Voltage 200V /380V /440V, 3-PHASE, 50/60HZ. This may be customized according to customer needs
Machine speed 1-150M/min which can be adjusted based on the material thickness and viscosity
  1. Imported VF control system + PLC programming control
  2. HMI control system:
    1. The full-color touch monitor is used to display and record the operation status.
    2. Set several process parameters based on the production conditions.
    3. An abnormal alarm is issued automatically once any abnormal machine operations occur or any abnormal component is detected.
    4. Display abnormal status, and record abnormal causes as well as how to solve them
  3. Laminating mechanism:

    1-side and 2-side lamination

Optical film type

BEF brightness enhancement films, TAC polarizing films, diffuser films, Microlens hybrid optical films, prism films, and anti-oxidizing films.

Smart film type

HC films, anti-blue light protectors, brushed films, privacy films, OCA, decoration films, release films, and AG films.

Package printing type

Food package and various industrial materials (PET, BOPA, aluminum foil, electro-plating, IMD, IML, IMR, IMF, BOPP, PVC, PE, CPP, PS, cellophane, pearl films, various flexible packaging materials).