Precise Slit Rewind MachinePrecise Slit Rewind Machine
Precise Slit Rewind MachinePrecise Slit Rewind Machine
Precisely Film Slitting MachinePrecisely Film Slitting Machine
Pneumatic CutterPneumatic Cutter
Precision slitter


  1. Highly precision cutting and slitting applicable to optical substrates of electronics and computers.
  2. The VF control system provides auto edge alignment and precise control of the slitting position.
  3. Equipped with the static eliminator and lenght encoder.
  4. It is equipped with a paper core loader for consistent loading and unloading of finished products.
  5. The customized process helps development of manufacturing processes. There are many development models.


They can be used for the slitting operations of optical films, smart films, industrial materials, cellophane, aluminized paper, aluminum foils, copper foils, tapes, and print materials.

Machine dimensions Width 400mm-2100mm and diameter 400mm-1000mm
Finished product dimensions Core ≥3”and ≥6”, width 10mm-2000mm, diameter 600mm (Max). They can be customized.
Unwinding holder 3"/6" pneumatic shaft or shaftless pneumatic gripping
Slit width 12-500µm
Slitting Knives Shear cutter / pneumatic razor blade / shear knife
Voltage 200V /380V /440V, 3-PHASE, 50/60HZ. This may be customized according to customer needs
Machine speed 1-150M/min which can be adjusted based on the material thickness
  1. Imported VF control system + PLC programming control
  2. HMI control system:
    1. The full-color touch monitor is used to display and record the operation status.
    2. Set several process parameters based on the production conditions.
    3. An abnormal alarm is issued automatically once any abnormal machine operations occur or any abnormal component is detected.
    4. Display abnormal status, and record abnormal causes as well as how to solve them
  3. Shaftless pneumatic gripping mechanism
  4. Static eliminator
  5. Secondary sticky device / dust cleaning and collection for raw materials
  1. Unwinding and re-winding control system / Switch between the air shaft tension and differential shaft speed control
  2. Axillary unloader
  3. Mobile winding device for edge strips
  4. Laser alignment device for paper core
  5. Hydraulic lifting device

Optical film type

various film rolls.

Smart film type

various film rolls.

Package printing type

Food package and various industrial materials (PET, BOPA, aluminum foils, copper foils,, electro-plating, IMD, IML, IMR, IMF, BOPP, PVC, PE, CPP, PS, cellophane, pearl films, various flexible packaging materials).