Roller Engraving Center /

Adopts roller engraving machines from TOSHIBA

We have established the Suzhou Roller Center in 2016 to meet the demands of the optoelectronics industry and extend our business scale. We have introduced roller engraving machines from TOSHIBA, which are used to fabricate mold surface microstructure features. We have developed the most precise and high-volume continuous production technique for optical films in the market, by combining the precision roller for microstructure features and the Roll to Roll manufacturing process as well as UV resin coating technique.

China Customer Care/

We place highly importance on after-sale services to improve customers throughput!

Our Customer Care team in Suzhou provides customers with real-time services to meet the vast demands of the Chinese market. We have actively improved the operation of equipment and real-time repair services to enable smooth of customer's production lines.

  • ‧Professional services:We have developed professional customer care staff and provide customers with the best solutions.
  • ‧Equipment repair:Conduct real-time repair and maintenance of equipment to meet the requirements of customer's production lines.
  • ‧Optimized software and hardware:Gain insight into the market trend and respond to the changes to customer's product line to product the optimized equipment solutions.